As part of our long term support to the Royal Air Force Air Cadets - No 2 Flying Training School - since the late 1980's we have leased to them a Robin DR400 4 seat aerotow aircraft.


This aircraft fulfills their aerotow needs for launching their Grob G103B Vikings to a higher altitude than a normal winch launch is able to, thus giving students and student instructors more valuable airborne training time per sortie. 


This well equipped aircraft is also used as a transport aircraft, speedily taking 4 personnel to other locations or can be used as a VIP transport as required. 


We supply a fully managed service inclusive of maintenance costs and are on hand 24/7 to support this aircraft.


At the moment this aircraft is fully leased long term by the Royal Air Force, but if you would like to dicsuss any future leasing options or requirements please contact us.



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