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We are the UK Grob Aircraft support

specialist and supplier of all UK Grob Aircraft

spare parts. 

As well as working with Grob since the mid

1970's, we are also the UK supplier for

LTB Lindner who is the type certificate holder

for all Grob gliders and have been working

with them since the early 2000's.

One of our many customers is the

Royal Air Force Air Cadets with their fleet

of G103B Viking gliders.


We have had the honour of supplying full product support to the RAF Air Cadets since we introduced the Grob G103B Viking fleet into military service in the mid 1980’s, moving to our RAF Syerston base when we introduced the Grob G109B Vigilant fleet into service in the late 1980’s.

As part of our ongoing long term support to the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and latterly No 2 Flying Training School, since the late 1980's we have also been contracted to supply them with a specialist Robin DR400 aerotowing aircraft with full 24/7 support.

This aircraft fulfilled their aerotow needs for launching their Grob G103B Vikings to a higher altitude than a normal winch launch is able to, thus giving students and student instructors more valuable airborne training time per sortie. 

And as well as supporting our current customers we have also successfully operated many other Royal Air Force contracts both for ourselves and on behalf of other organisations such as Grob.

Currently we stock over 27,500 individual Grob aircraft specific spare parts as well as probably the largest stock of general aviation metric nuts, bolts, washers and fasteners anywhere in the UK.

We are also suppliers for other aviation manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers including Tost and supply lots of general flying, gliding and launching parts and equipment.

Our staff are Grob trained and certified and are experienced pilots with vast Grob type specific flying and instructional experience.

We have many years of engineering and flying experience to call upon including having a multi award winning aircraft builder, champion aerobatic pilot and AS9100 lead auditor in our management team and also two EASA/CAA/BGA approved maintenance organisations who specialise in Grob and GRP aircraft maintenance and repair in our extended close commercial family in the UK.

Whatever your Grob aircraft needs, we can help.


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